Marneus Calgar in power armour *ShowCase No2*

Here we have the Master of the Ultramarine Chapter him self! Over the years I have painted my share of ultramarines, loads of people hate them but i must say they are still some of the best-selling painted mini on the market. If you wanna paint and sell a mini on the web or eBay you can’t go wrong with an ultramarine.

Colors that we used are from the Vallejo Game Color range

This is the basic colors I haved use, note that I might have mixed some and used some other paints not mentioned here.

Night Blue 019 *Airbrushed base coat*

Ultramarine Blue 022 *Airbrushed 2nd base coat, sprayed from top angle*

Black 051

Gory Red 011 *used for the cape*

Bloody Red 010 *used for highlights on red areas*

Dead White 001 *for the back of the cape and ultramarine logo*

Glorious Gold 056 *for gold details over a Beasty Brown 043 base coat*

Polished gold 055 *for gold highlights*

Elfic Flesh 098, Rosy Flesh 100 and Beasty Brown 043 *for the face also used some home-made washes*


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