Ultramarine Terminator Chaplain *ShowCase No1*

This Mini is a blast to paint! I love painting terminators and chaplains alike so a combo of both is music to my ears.

The base is from a company called Foundations of War. although its cool looking I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it was poorly molded and required a lot of prep time. on the flip side, it’s not what I call an expensive base so all good for me.


Paints that were used for this model were all from the Vallejo Game Colors range

Black 051

Ultramarine blue 022

Cold Grey 050

Stonewall Grey 049

polished gold 055

Glorious Gold 056

Chain mail Silver 053

Beasty Brown 043

Bone White 034

Dead White 001

Bloody Red 0107

Gory Red 011





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