Voltron themed Dreadknight *ShowCase no7*

Ok this one will be a bit longer then my usual post. This project was a blast! Actually a blast from the past! I ran a contest in the month of February. Winners would get a model painted by me for free! So @r3con on twitter was one of the winners! So is first question to me was do you wanna go hardcore? I was like yeah what you’ve got in mind ? So he wasnt joking he wanted a Voltron themed dreadknight. For those of you that don’t know what Voltron is here’s a pic. It’s an old Japanese and American Tv series.


Of course i did stray a way from the original colors for a couple of reasons. first being the fact that The voltron as a full armour as opposed to the dreadknight that as armour plates, which means that if i painted the legs white it would have looked a bit bad.

Then we came to the point where I said: “hummm why don’t we do a crazy base and change the rather static pose of the dreadknight.” Nicely enough he said let’s do it! so that’s what we did. For this I ended up doing and sculpting a base for it and cut the legs of the model to re-positioned them. If you go over to my Flickr page you can see pictures of the work in progress.

Here are pics of the model and base and ill also put the 2 videos Ive made for this.

Here’s a video ShowCase

Quick video explaining the base


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