So I got interviewd but phill hove at The Shell Case! Hope you guys like it!


Not so long ago a chap popped up on my Twitter timeline with increasing regularity. A an eager hobby mentalist called Hugo, the man behind Ichiban Painting. Always one to promote all aspects of the wargaming community I thought I’d have a little chat with him…

TSC: For those that haven’t heard of Ichiban Painting tells us a bit about what you do and the motivation behind starting the business.

IP: I’m Hugo! I’m a miniature painter to keep it simple. I started modeling at a really young age and I was big into the military diorama scene. After many years I started to get bored with doing browns an OD greens  (That’s khaki to us Brits – TSC) and what not… But I wasn’t really interested in doing cars and aeroplanes, not really my cup of tea. One day a friend asked me if I could come with him to a hobby shop…

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