Hive Behemoth Carnifex *ShowCase No8*

So lately Ive been painting a lot of space marines, especially Ultramarines. I guess they will always be popular lol. So just to make a little change Ive decided to go and paint a Tyranid. And since i went online with the website, flickr and twitter some of my friends suggested to me that I should show off my painting skills by painting something more organic. So following that advice I did this bad boy! I really wanted to do a custom and unknown paint scheme but I’m always stuck when it comes to that. I don’t have a tyranid army so i need to paint colors representing models that people might want to buy. I chose the hive fleet behemoth as the color scheme because i really like working with reds. Also I think the contrast between the red and black and blue is quite nice. So here it is!

I also went a little crazy on this base! I wanted to have fun so why not depict a Space marine decapitated and gutted by this beast. I used cork to make the rock and then used some spare bits to make the gore. I did the entrails using green stuff.

Colors used for this model where from Vallejo Game Colors range

*note that some colors might be missing*

009 Hot Orange used for highlighting of the exoskeleton

010 Bloody Red used for highlights on the exoskeleton

011 Gory Red used as the base color for the exoskeleton

051 Black used for the shell

016 Royal Purple used for first layer on the detailing on the shell

023 Electric Blue used for details on the shell

050 Cold Grey used for the base and claws thingy

049 Stonewall Grey used for base and claws thingy

001 Dead white used for details

105 Mutation green used for the warts

104 Fluo green used for the highlights on the warts

005 Moon Yellow used for the base coat on the space marine


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