Vaettir Huntawalu *ShowCase No12*

So over on twitter not long ago some of the warmongers chaps decided to do a Mini swap. So basically people would get paired and exchange minis with each others to paint and them send them back. It’s a super cool idea but unfortunately Im a painter and not a player so therefor I didn’t have a mini to swap but still got to participate. So i got sent a mini from Tor gaming from their game Relic. The mini is the Vaettir Huntawalu, it’s a great mini, super cool looking perfect cast no mold lines. Only major downside as from me is the fact that the joints where the arms attach to the body are way too small not in proportions but in terms of joints which makes them unpinable and really hard to glue. So for a gamers it relates into a mini that can be fragile when handled. Ok now for the pictures…



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