Guys check this out! It’s a pretty cool concept and also I’m gonna be giving away a painted space marine for tge winner! Nice!


Some of you may remember that back in April the Shell Case Shorts 4 was all about the origins of a army/regiment/Space Marine chapter etc.

It was a very popular edition of the Shell Case Shorts to the point that I’d thought about running another later on. So that’s kind of what I’ve done…

However, this time round it is a straight up ‘create a Space Marine chapter’ competition. But instead of a signed book, my comrade in arms, Hugo, over at Ichiban Painting Studio is going to paint up a Space Marine captain model in the winning chapter colours and I shall have the background illuminated all pretty and both sent to the winner. I’ll also include the winning entry in the Shell Case Shorts anthology that’ll be out in January. I know, I know, we’re awesome.

Each entry should include:



Combat Doctrine

Force Organisation



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