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Who is behind Ichiban Painting
That would be me! I’m Hugo, I’ve been modeling for around 20years. My home base is currently Osaka Japan. I am originally from Canada but I moved out here about 5 years ago.
My wonderful love story with modeling all started around age 7… Back then I got my first model, this model was the corner stone of a really nice passion and hobby. At 8 I joined my first modeling club, at that time I was making military diorama. The club was a bit intimidating since the youngest member after me was 27 years old. But it was a great environment for me to learn the ropes of modeling. Also having modelers from all different disciples like military diorama, aviation, automotive, boats etc… Gave me an unlimited source of knowledge and technique. This wonderful source of wisdom brought me to wining my first painting contest In one of the most difficult category which is Free Style Diorama, I was only 9 at that time. After that years went on and I kept painting and painting. I was getting a bit tired of painting world war II stuff and diorama and one day I received redemption from the modeling gods! I walked in a Games workshop! I was amazed at the selection and style of the models. No need to say that I walked out with a couple of models. Ever since that day I’ve been painting and making warhammer and warhammer40k models. Until recently I was only a modeler and painter but I decided to go full circle and now I’m also a player.

If you have any question concerning this website, model painting or building, questions about prices do not hesitate to communicate with me.
Thank you
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One response

  1. David Humble

    Hi, Hugo. It was great to meet you at the Grape Seed training course last week, get to know you a bit and exchange a few “war stories.” You’ve got a great website here and it looks like you’re pretty passionate about it! Take care and God bless you, my friend.

    July 9, 2012 at 12:19 pm

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