Website Update


Hey guys and gals! How are you today?

Ok if you haven’t noticed the website is pretty dead since a couple of weeks! Do not panic there’s a really good reason! I haven’t posted anything in the past weeks because my good buddy @r3con over on twitter is working hard… Yes you’ve guessed it! He’s updating and building a new ichiban painting website.

Bye bye WordPress style blog! Hello sexy website!

The new website will also feature cool stuff like

On site picture gallery

You’ll be able to look at high def pics right on the website

Video section

Where all the videos will be organized by technique

Blog section

There will be a blog section where I will have some good friends how will write about the Wargaming world and not just about painting

Showcase section

where completed project will be explained

And many more new cool stuff!

So please bear with me as the website gets build.




Ichiban Painting July raffle

Games workshop’s price increase promotion

This isn’t a usual post for me as I normally try to keep the blog/website only for showcases and tutorial but after talking with my GW supplier I did think it would be a good opportunity to share with you a little promotion! Or special if you would like!

My Gw supplier told me he would hold the old GW prices untile Friday and that if I knew anyone willing to order GW stuff he would hold the old prices till Friday even for the preorder stuff. The prices that he offers are the UK prices -5% to 10% depending on the model and he offers international shipping. For those of you that are from outside the UK (and even Uk resident) it gives you a great opportunity to grab good deals on GW stuff. Even after the price hike he will still offer those kina of rebates but on the new updated prices.

So if you are interested into getting in contact with him just send me an email and I will get you his contact information.