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How to do color blending

Here I’ve finally made a 2 part video about color blending. It was requested by people pope so I’ve did it. Hope you guys will like it




How to paint and work with metallic golds

So quick how to video on how i work with my metallic golds

Hope you like it!


So about 2 weeks ago I got the pleasure of being interview by the guys over at War and More Radio! If you’re looking for a cool pod cast about wargaming, gaming, and all nerdy things you should defenatly go and check them out!

As for my interview we did talk about painting, me and also commission painting!




How to paint rust

Little quick tutorial on how to paint rust!

Hope you guys enjoy! Any questions just ask.

Tech Marine *ShowCase No10*

So here we have a little side project iv been working on. I’m lucky this week I didn’t have all the parts i needed to finish the work on my current commissions so while waiting for the parts I decided to do this guy up! Actually this was my first Tech Marine and it was a total blast! They are such a cool mini to paint! I loved it and I’m also pretty happy with the results! Hope you like it!

The colors I have used for this model are from Vallejo in the Game Colors and Modelair range.

Ive use also H&S Infinity Airbrush for the base color and some details.


How to make a wet palette for 5$


If you have any request about painting technique or reviews you would like meto do just let me know and I’ll gladly see what I can do. I do those video for you guys nnoodle me!


How to paint power weapons using an Airbrush

Here the latest tutorial I’ve made

Welcome to Ichiban Painting Studio

Ichiban painting is a website where you can see the work that I do for my customers. Also I will try to provide information on painting and modeling via videos. For more information about the services that I offer click here Or check out my latest Work here

If you have any question concerning this website, model painting or building, questions about prices do not hesitate to communicate with me.
Thank you
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Coolminiornot artist ranking:

Whirlwind/Razorback *ShowCase No9*

This was a cool project, actually it is an ongoing project for a good client of mine! So this is the first for 7 tanks to follow. So you have too liik forward to seeing x2 razorback, 1x predator, 1xrhino, one landraider redeemer/crusader and last but not least Calgars Landraider.


Colors that we used are from the Vallejo Game Color range

This is the basic colors I have used, note that I might have mixed some and used some other paints not mentioned here.

Night Blue 019 *Airbrushed base coat*

Ultramarine Blue 022 *Airbrushed 2nd base coat, sprayed from top angle*

Black 051

Gory Red 011 *used for the cape*

Bloody Red 010 *used for highlights on red areas*

Dead White 001 *for the ultramarine logo*

Glorious Gold 056 *for gold details over a Beasty Brown 043 base coat*

Polished gold 055 *for gold highlights*

Beasty Brown 043 *for the base of the purity scrolls*

Bone white 034 *for the purity sealls*

Silver was from P3 formula as it is great for drybrushing

Washes are from Games Workshop *Badab Black and Devlan mud*

Pigments are from Vallejo

How to make paint chipping with the table salt technique

As I said in the previous video here is the salt technique

Hope you like it