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Ultramarine Landraider redemmer *ShowCase No3*

Love doing Vehicles, that’s how I started in the modeling world. So every time I’m presented with a project that involves making a vehicle I’m in heaven. I love working on big pieces and doing battle damaged and also weathering it great fun!

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Colors that were used for this model are all from the Vallejo Game Colors and Vallejo modelair ranges.




Marneus Calgar in power armour *ShowCase No2*

Here we have the Master of the Ultramarine Chapter him self! Over the years I have painted my share of ultramarines, loads of people hate them but i must say they are still some of the best-selling painted mini on the market. If you wanna paint and sell a mini on the web or eBay you can’t go wrong with an ultramarine.

Colors that we used are from the Vallejo Game Color range

This is the basic colors I haved use, note that I might have mixed some and used some other paints not mentioned here.

Night Blue 019 *Airbrushed base coat*

Ultramarine Blue 022 *Airbrushed 2nd base coat, sprayed from top angle*

Black 051

Gory Red 011 *used for the cape*

Bloody Red 010 *used for highlights on red areas*

Dead White 001 *for the back of the cape and ultramarine logo*

Glorious Gold 056 *for gold details over a Beasty Brown 043 base coat*

Polished gold 055 *for gold highlights*

Elfic Flesh 098, Rosy Flesh 100 and Beasty Brown 043 *for the face also used some home-made washes*

Ichiban Painting Contest

Ok so here we are! First ever Ichiban painting contest! Wow I’m exited!!!
So here it goes
The winner of this contest will get one of his mini or a mini of his choice painted by me! For FREE! Hell yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!

To enter
Open for anyone from anywhere in the world

2 ways to enter this contest!
Super easy first you need to make sure you are following me on twitter @ichibanpainting and you need to tweet this:ichiban Painting first ever contest #ichibanpainting
Once you follow and post this tweet you will be enter to win!
Be sure to like Ichibanpainting on Facebook if you do, you will automatically be entered to win or will have two chance if you liked on Facebook and tweeted in twitter!
Ichiban Painting Facebook

I’ll will be choosing the winner Friday February 17th you can enter the contest until the 16th at 12:00 Pacific time.
What to except if you win
Really easy you have 2 option

First you send me a model you want painted and I’ll painted for you! That easy! If you choose this option I will ask you to pay for shipping to me and pay the shipping for the model once it is fished!

Second you tell me what model you are looking to get painted and I will go buy it or order it and paint it for you. In that case I will ask you to pay for the model and shipping.

note I am locaded in Japan.
I will paint any normal squad of 5 members or a HQ mini or a heavy support or transport