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Ultramarine Command squad *showcase No 14*

So here we have an Ultramarine Command squad. I was pressed time wise on this one but i must say they do look pretty good. And thanks to my super new back drop the photos so look a bit nicer. The banner is a red scorpions banner from Forge world that was converted with a dremel. The champion got a little head swap from a grey knights hit just to make him look a little more chevalier

Colors that we used are from the Vallejo Game Color range

This is the basic colors I have used, note that I might have mixed some and used some other paints not mentioned here.

Night Blue 019 *Airbrushed base coat*

Ultramarine Blue 022 *Airbrushed 2nd base coat, sprayed from top angle*

Black 051

Gory Red 011 *used for the cape and purity seals*

Bloody Red 010 *used for highlights on red areas*

Dead White 001 *for higlights of the d scrolls and for the ultramarine logo*

Glorious Gold 056 *for gold details over a Beasty Brown 043 base coat*

Polished gold 055 *for gold highlights*

Beasty Brown 043 *for the base of the purity scrolls*

Bone white 034 *for the base coat on the cape(mixed with beasty brown) and for the purity sealls*


All these colors are available over here at THE PAINTED DRAGON


Welcome to Ichiban Painting Studio

Ichiban painting is a website where you can see the work that I do for my customers. Also I will try to provide information on painting and modeling via videos. For more information about the services that I offer click here Or check out my latest Work here

If you have any question concerning this website, model painting or building, questions about prices do not hesitate to communicate with me.
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