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The Painted Dragon

Little Studio Update!

Ichiban Painting is now fully sponsored by The Painted Dragon

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this website its a first of all great forum and community for us wargamers and hobbiers, great community and incredible knowledge and talent from the members. With monthly online painting contest that includes cool prizes but on top of all that it’s also an online shop where you can find hobby supplies and more. The current online shop as a limited selection of product online but the list keeps getting bigger and bigger with new in-house products coming soon! Also if you do need a specific product then just shoot them an email and they will surly get their hands on it for you.

As a little celebration here i will give you this one time use Redeem code for the shop exclusive for my followers and readers, with this code you’ll get 10% off in the store.

So don’t be shy and come and join us over on the painted dragon!



Ultramarine Landraider redeemer *ShowCase No13*

Sorry it took me a little longer to update the website I’ve been pretty busy. So here is an Ultramarine Landraider redeemer part of the big ultramarine commission I’m working on ATM. The client asked me do do a lot of weathering on this guy and i did. If you check the previous post or on the youtube channel you’ll be able to find all the tutorial on the technique I’ve used to achieve this look.


you can also go vote for this landraider on coolminiornot



How to paint oil drips and rust drips

So I got a couple of requests about how do I make my oil drips on the side of some of the vehicles I paint so here it is.

Sorry it took me sometime before I uploaded this video but I had to finish the rust or at least almost finish the rust before filming this technique.


How to do a rusty look with a brush

So a lot of people requested that I do some tutorial for technique involving brushes and not an airbrush so heit’s one