The shell case alliance

What is The Shell Case Alliance?

Put simply it is a blogging co-operative. A collection of wargaming bloggers who mutually support one another’s blogging efforts by reblogging, retweeting and engaging in active discussion about the hobby through blog comments, Twitter and The Shell Case forum.

The Alliance exists to enrich the hobby experience for writers and readers alike and only accepts members into its ranks that are happy and willing to extol that principle and support fellow members in their hobby and blogging endeavours.

How do I join The Shell Case Alliance?

The first step to joining the hallowed ranks of the Alliance is simple. Join The Shell Case forums. All members do this for three reasons; The first being that it gives your readers a port of harbour to discuss posts and interact with one another. It also allows those readers to interact with each other and discover other blogs, who, too, have become members. And finally, it allows you to add your details to the blog catalogue. This essentially becomes your Alliance application as it will allow us to review your blog and determine if your blog will fit in with what we’re trying to achieve. Don’t worry, it will take a lot for you blog to not make the cut as inclusion is a key tenet of the Alliance.

We also ask you to display the forum logo on your blog to help your readers find out budding community. White and black copy versions below.

Once those two things have happened then your admittance is all but assured. Again, we ask you to display the logo on your blog and link through to this page.

What’s asked of you?

Being a part of the Alliance gives you a support framework of dedicated wargaming enthusiasts who will do their best to reblog/repost and tweet about your blog posts. As such, all we ask, aside from displaying our logos, is that you do the same for them.

We also ask you to engage and nurture the community on The Shell Case forum as much as possible as its members will be your readers. You can do this by, at the end of your blog posts, add a line saying something along the lines of ‘Discuss over at The Shell Case forums’ and include the link.


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